Corporate Healthcare: The Here and Now

Employee health and wellbeing benefits are becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to attract high quality candidates and retain current employees. These benefits usually range from subsidised gym memberships to health insurance, free yoga classes or the cycle to work scheme. 

However, many of these  health benefits are inefficient at actually improving employee health. These initiatives are useful in their own right, but are often redundant for many employees or do not support an overall healthy lifestyle. For instance, an employee may already have a gym membership at a more convenient location than the one the company provides, some people may not enjoy Yoga or live too far to qualify for the cycle to work scheme, in addition many employees may need mental health support more urgently than they need a free gym membership.

Over the past year, more LiveSmart users were reporting poorer mental health, 46% were experiencing moderate or low mood, 38% had high stress levels, 63% noted work as the main reason for stress and only 23% had a high life satisfaction score. 

In an effort to better understand the needs of their employees, it’s more important to focus on an overall health and wellbeing strategy, such as providing both mental and physical health and wellbeing benefits.

Personalisation: The Future of Corporate Healthcare

When it comes to treating health conditions, rarely does one size fit all. When choosing health and wellbeing benefits for you people, it’s important to know what your employees need, in addition to what they want. The first step in personalising health care for your people is screening, finding out what issues or combinations of issues an employee may be dealing with. Coincidentally, screening is severely lacking among most companies, which results in benefits with poor uptake, high cost and poor engagement. 

Without screening, employees with conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or pre-diabetes remain oblivious to their problem. As beneficial as gym classes may be, these employees more urgently need health screening and a clinician’s attention targeted specifically at their main root issue.

In public health care, screening has often been used to identify and target those that need a certain treatment the most. GPs often make an assessment first, then funnel patients to specific services based on that initial assessment e.g. to a diabetes clinic, or to mental health service, or to surgical treatment. 

This approach is a more efficient use of resources and a much more effective way of improving a patient's health. In the same way, companies should utilise screening to better improve their health benefits.

Personalisation at LiveSmart

At LiveSmart, we believe that over time, corporate healthcare should and will evolve to be similar in nature to public healthcare: personalised and efficient. In fact we are already doing it for our clients. 

All of our health packages begin by assessing our clients through health surveys and blood analytics. According to these results, we identify the issues that are the most urgent and tailor our treatment accordingly. All of our health reports are personalised, flashing out your employee’s health risk and how they can best improve their wellbeing, with clear and easily actionable steps.

For employees who truly need it, we also provide 1-to-1 health coaching, with our qualified health coaches and dieticians, to further understand their current situation and kickstart their health journey.

We provide multiple health coaching sessions across several months to support our clients' health throughout their journey and encourage them along the way. 

LiveSmart users are:

  • 34% more fulfilled with their life
  • 30% more satisfied with their job
  • 50% less anxious and stressed

We also conduct repeat assessments to track the health score of each employee and repeat the process of identifying new paths to greatness if necessary. 

More than that, we analyse the initial assessments data to provide employers with concrete statistics about their employee’s overall health conditions. These before-and-after company MI reports are provided to company’s decision makers so as to aid in determining the necessary actions for their employees wellbeing programme.

The future of an efficient employee’s health and wellbeing strategy lies in a more personalised approach. 

LiveSmart is the easy-to-roll-out solution that works for everyone across your company.

Our digital-first, doctor-led health MOTs and one-to-one coaching help people make lasting improvements to their health – anytime, anywhere.

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