We help your team feel their best so that they can do their best

LiveSmart provides a remote, digital-first health MOT and one-to-one health coaching to help everyone in your business feel happier and healthier.

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  • Help staff feel happier and healthier
  • Offer a benefit that gets high staff uptake
  • Increase staff engagement and retention
  • Offer a fully remote, fuss-free service
  • Roll out a company-wide benefit with ease
  • Attract talent to your company
LiveSmart Digital Health Assessment

Healthy people, healthy business

People who eat well, sleep soundly and manage stress effectively are more focused, energised and engaged. LiveSmart helps you understand how your team's health and wellbeing is affecting your business – and offers expert-led strategies to overcome any challenges.

LiveSmart users are:

  • 34% more fulfilled with their life
  • 30% more satisfied with their job
  • 50% less anxious and stressed
Bespoke health assessments
Bespoke health assessments

Our bespoke health assessments guarantee high staff engagement

Our average uptake is 70%, compared to an industry average of 25% – and we have a world-class NPS of 62. So you can feel confident that you're investing in a benefit your team will genuinely use and enjoy.

We offer flexible packages to suit all budgets

With prices starting from just £39.50 per person, our range of health assessments has been proven to help people make lasting improvements to their lives.

Livesmart rollout

We're on hand to ensure a smooth roll-out across your company

Your dedicated Account Manager is here to keep you updated and ensure everyone gets the most out of LiveSmart – quickly and easily.

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