Workplace physical & mental health, the smart way

We use comprehensive health assessments and one-to-one coaching to help build you a happier, healthier workforce

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Personalised digital health assessments

Our comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports empower your team to make positive changes

Expert health analysis and advice at your fingertips

Our NHS doctors screen for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and create a personalised plan to reduce risk of problems developing in the first place

What's included?

One-to-one health coaching that activates real change

Regular calls with an expert coach will help your team stay on track by setting realistic goals and offering personalised support and advice on how to achieve them

Employees LOVE LiveSmart

Our team is always here to engage and empower your workforce, while supporting you and your company's goals. Our amazing uptake figures and world-class NPS scores prove how well that relationship works.

Average uptake

Company-funded scheme and voluntary opt-in

LiveSmart - 75%

Industry Average - 25%


Our NPS score is world-class

LiveSmart - 44

Industry Average - 24


“We wanted to provide a health service that was effective and engaging and that’s what we’ve got.”

Andrea, Head of People

Universal Music Group

Callum Calbraith, 30

Universal Music Group, Communications Manager

Eighteen months ago, I never thought I would be running a marathon, or have the dedication to train six mornings a week.”

Jo Sims, 46

AXA PPP, Account Manager

In just three months, I've gone from being pre-diabetic to within the normal range, and I've lost 15kg. I'm now a lot more in control.”


Health and wellbeing is changing

LiveSmart provides personalised solutions that fit in with busy modern lives

The LiveSmart approach

  • We come to you, wherever you are
  • Our blood tests take less than 10 minutes
  • We use the very latest, user-friendly technology
  • We're always there to support you
  • Customised MI reporting
  • A range of products to suit all budgets
  • A tailored action plan and ongoing support to suit individual needs

The old approach

  • Inflexible blood screening
  • Employees have to travel to clinics
  • Clunky 100-page PDFs
  • No client support
  • Unhelpful siloed data
  • Even the cheapest option is pricey
  • Generic health advice with no follow-up


LiveSmart is the complete package

Here are many more reasons why companies are choosing LiveSmart

High engagement

We're proud to have one of the highest uptake rates in the industry

Flexible pricing

We work with all kinds of companies with all kinds of budgets

Mental health support

We prioritise this vital issue - and are there to offer effective advice and support

World-class doctors

Top NHS doctors and dietitians write our personalised reports


Our services are strictly regulated and have passed every security audit

Meaningful data

We put your company's health data at your fingertips while individual results remain private

Plans to suit you

Our incredible range of tailor-made plans suits businesses of all sizes

Fuss-free blood tests

One simple 10-minute test is all we need - and we'll come to you

Cutting-edge technology

Clients can use our app to book a follow-up call or track their progress - any time, anywhere

Satisfied customers

People see a significant lift in energy levels, fitness and mood within months

One-to-one service

Our expert health coaches are there to guide your employees through their goals

CQC Regulated

We're regulated to the highest standard by the Care Quality Commission

Customised reporting

HR teams love our easy-to-understand health trend reports'

Understanding and empathy

We provide realistic solutions to help your employees kick bad health habits

Advanced heart monitoring

Our Perform plan includes the most advanced heart monitoring available


We provide the tools and expertise for a happier, healthier workforce

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