About us

Successful businesses are driven by happy, healthy people.

But as we adjust to a new remote working world, mental and physical health is declining.

LiveSmart is the easy-to-roll-out solution that works for everyone across your company.

Our digital-first, doctor-led health MOTs and one-to-one coaching help people make lasting improvements to their health – anytime, anywhere.


What makes us different?

We’ll post our fuss-free, DIY finger-prick blood tests to any home in the UK. Alternatively, our nationwide network of nurses can collect blood samples from homes or workplaces.

A team of top NHS doctors and dietitians use these blood results, along with an in-depth health questionnaire, to compile a bespoke digital report for every individual. It’s packed with unique insights and advice on how to improve mind and body. 

Everyone has regular one-to-one calls with our expert coaches to empower them to make lasting improvements to their health – and find their greatness. 

We help people increase their activity levels, conquer stress, banish back pain, lower cholesterol, build healthy bones, sleep well, worry less and so much more.

And when people feel great, they're more engaged, energetic and excited about their work – so you and your company will reap the benefits, too.

Because we believe that greatness starts with great health.

How it works