Providing your employees with a LiveSmart health assessment will make you a more successful company. Fact. 

Now you’re probably suspicious about this statement, and we understand why, but you don’t have to just take our word for it. Instead, check out the results of a recent independent study which proved that happy, healthy employees generate greater company productivity, and therefore increased business value.

It’s likely you have heard the mantra about successful businesses: it's the people that make all the difference and whilst the term is all too frequently used, it's actually very true. Our employees are often our biggest asset - they deliver results, are our biggest advocates and create culture winning environments: but only if they are happy. 

At LiveSmart we have always believed this, it's what our business model is built upon: happy, healthy employees perform better and better performance equals greater business value. 

To us, it makes no sense to ignore this asset, or to treat it as an expense, when it is essentially the lifeblood of most businesses. To reference one of our favourite quotes: Don't ask, ‘what if we invest in our teams and they leave’, instead ask ‘what if we don't invest in them and they stay’. A scary error to make.

So, you can imagine our delight when a recent report by the Gallup Organisation confirmed our long standing beliefs. 

The study, which was a mammoth piece of research covering almost 2 million employees, has statistically proved that satisfied, or happy members of your team will generate greater returns for your business. In other words, it makes not just business sense, but also financial sense, to invest in their wellbeing.

So how credible was this research? Well, the Gallup organisation is a firm that specialises in the understanding of workplace performance and has been around for almost 100 years, so they certainly know what a good job looks like. But outside of their reputation, a really important feature of this study was the magnitude of the data collected, it was phenomenally large and included:

1.9 million employees, across 49 industries, covering 73 countries over a 25 year period

The key findings are incredibly overwhelming. 

Businesses that produced happier, more satisfied employees achieved greater financial performance and this was outlined by clear metrics including;

  1. Generating 2.1% higher stock returns than industry average
  2. Growing earnings per share (EPS) 4.3 times faster than that of equivalent companies 
  3. Increasing stock values by 325% whereas competitors experienced growth of less 100%

What is also really interesting, is that these outcomes did not change depending on the size of the company. The study ranged from companies of less than <250 employees all the way to multinational business with over 250,000 employees - despite the size, the results remained consistent. 

The correlations between happier employees and greater business productivity has never been more powerful. 

So how can you, as a business decision maker, quickly and easily improve the happiness and satisfaction of your workforce to achieve similar results?

That's how we can help. At LiveSmart, we have delivered thousands of health assessments to our customers and as part of our comprehensive data set, we collect information on life & job satisfaction. That means we are able to demonstrate how effective LiveSmart is at improving employee happiness, and our results are just as convincing. On average after 12 months of using LiveSmart our users will feel;

  • 34% more fulfilled with their life
  • 30% more satisfied with their job and 
  • 50% less anxious or stressed

And that contributes to happier, healthier employees, with increased productivity who provide greater value to your business.

So if you are a decision maker wanting to understand how you combine HR wellbeing initiatives  with adding genuine business value, we would love to talk. 

Never before has the need for looking after your employees been so important. In the new remote world, our teams are often spread all over the country and this physical disconnect has been shown to increase stress, reduce happiness and impact productivity. 

With our services, you can provide simple, effective solutions to your teams, no matter where they are. And with our proven results that increase the health & happiness of your employees, you can be assured that you will be doing the right thing not only for your employees, but your business too.

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