AND Digital’s success story

Holly Taylor, People Growth Lead at AND Digital discusses how LiveSmart helped their team to get in touch with their mind and body.

Holly Taylor, People Growth Lead, AND Digital

Key results

  • 13%

    staff uptake as a flexible benefit

  • 71

    Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • 1804

    health insights delivered

The background

AND Digital are a tech company focused on accelerating digital delivery – from defining digital strategies to building digital products and stronger teams.

AND Digital wanted an attractive benefit to offer their 600 strong (and growing) workforce. They wanted to “make healthy sexy” and to help their team get in touch with their mind and body.


The challenge

AND Digital needed something to compliment their already vast offering and integrate seamlessly. It needed to be attractive, popular and accessible even in national lockdowns which had caused a drop in uptake and use of other benefits.

Adding LiveSmart to our platform was completely the right decision. Our employees have been more engaged with their health and wellbeing and we can’t wait to see the results in the next selection window.

Holly Taylor, People Growth Lead
AND Digital

The solution

AND Digital completed extensive market research and selected LiveSmart over a competitor in the marketplace.

“The launch couldn’t have been more simple. The LiveSmart team and their Clinical Lead hosted a webinar which we were impressed to see over 100 of our employees attend. After this, all employees had to do was opt-in online and LiveSmart handled the rest in their digital end to end journey.”

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  • Help staff feel happier and healthier
  • Offer a benefit that gets high staff uptake
  • Increase staff engagement and retention
  • Offer a fully remote, fuss-free service
  • Roll out a company-wide benefit with ease
  • Attract talent to your company