Is your company eligible for a free trial worth £199/person?

We’re giving away our home blood test and telephone health coaching service for free to selected companies. To be eligible, your company must:

  1. Have more than 200 UK employees
  2. Have a genuine interest in helping your team to understand and improve their health

If you answered yes to the above questions, complete the form below and we’ll email you details on how to to get started.

Update: since Covid-19 we have experienced an increase in demand for our remote health assessments. To avoid disappointment get in touch as soon as possible.

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Yes! It's a free trial with no obligation to buy for companies with a genuine interest in offering a corporate health assessment to employees

  1. Up to 20 of your employees will complete an at home blood test.
  2. Their results will be analysed by registered GPs and Dietitians, and they will receive a detailed health report
  3. They will have a telephone health coaching session with a Registered Dietitian to help them to make lasting lifestyle changes

Following the trial we will arrange a video call where we will show you your anonymised company health report, giving you insights and recommendations into your business health and employee needs.

  • Our health assessments are available to both remote employees and office workers
  • We produce higher uptake and engagement rates than any other health assessment provider
  • Our programmes produce tangible results. Companies such as Vita Coco and Universal Music Group have won awards due to our programmes.