Get your body and mind pregnancy ready

Using blood tests and one-to-one coaching we help women trying to conceive improve their health and wellness

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I discovered my thyroid was overactive

I found out I was iron deficient

My folate levels were too low

I lost 20kg and kept it off

I was having trouble conceiving

Your body goes through staggering changes when you’re pregnant, and those changes put your body under more strain than most of us realise

A few extra kilos

Being overweight puts extra strain on your cardiovascular system, making you 29% more likely to miscarry

Your organs do twice the work

Your kidneys and liver will work in overdrive. Until your child’s organs grow, your organs will be working for two

Foundation for your child's health

A woman’s diet and nutrition during their reproductive years and in preparation for pregnancy sets the foundation for their child’s future health

The stress of the unknown

There’s probably no bigger cause of conception issues than stress. Conception can take over a year which can put a strain on your relationships and your body

I'm Monal and I’m the Chief Medical Officer for LiveSmart. I’ve always wanted to be a mum and looked forward to having a baby. I wanted to make sure that I was emotionally and physically ready to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy, as well as have the energy to look after a newborn baby. I invested time in learning about having a healthy diet, taking appropriate supplements, exercising regularly and having time to relax and unwind.

After all, research shows having a healthy body and mind helps women conceive and have a healthy baby. Working with LiveSmart, I wanted to help other women to optimise their wellbeing before pregnancy.”

Dr. Monal Wadhera

GP • Chief Medical Officer • Mother

Imagine knowing how your health could impact your pregnancy

The best health assessment for women trying to conceive, everything is focussed around a healthy pregnancy


Work with your personal health coach

Ask detailed questions

Discuss your pregnancy concerns and get the right information from a medical professional

Set achievable goals

Your coach will help you focus on the areas that are important to you and support you to make changes

Check-in once a month

Once a month we’ll check in with you to see how you’re progressing and find new ways to manage health issues


All our health coaches are registered dietitians, passionate about helping people to reach their health goals

Health improvement plans for healthy pregnancies

Choose a health plan that works for you



A comprehensive plan for women wanting to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy


Blood markers

3 months of in-depth coaching calls with a HCPC Registered Dietitian

Prepare AMH


A comprehensive health plan for women wanting to conceive with a test to assess your ovarian reserve


Blood markers (including x2 AMH)

3 months of in-depth coaching calls with a HCPC Registered Dietitian

Monal Wadhera

GP • Mother

Nicole Pollard

Dietitian • Health Coach

Nickie Hursthouse

Dietitian • Health Coach

Philippa Mitchell

Dietitian • Health Coach

Help us to improve pregnancy outcomes

The World Health Organisation recognises that pre-pregnancy care is lacking worldwide, including in the UK. At LiveSmart we want to change this and give all women the best chance of a healthy pregnancy.

Our Prepare Health Plans are based on established science. But, unlike other research projects we don’t look at things in isolation. We consider the many factors of pre-pregnancy health including nutrition, exercise and mental health.

Working with Imperial College London Department of Primary Care and Public Health we want to show that by combining all of these elements we can demonstrate far better pregnancy outcomes than just focusing on individual aspects of health.

By allowing us to use your anonymised data as part of our project, you’ll help to improve pregnancy outcomes for more women. We’ll send you a consent form to make sure you’re happy to take part in our project.

Our partners

Our charity partner Tommy’s funds research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provides health information to parents. LiveSmart are donating £5 from every Prepare Health Plan sold to Tommy’s

LiveSmart are working with the Imperial College London Department of Primary Care and Public Health to analyse and evaluate the results of Prepare plans as part of a research project into pre-pregnancy health.

“Being an older first-time mum it was important for me to ensure I was as healthy as possible when we started to try for a baby. I didn't want any of my bad habits to affect my chances of conceiving.

Copywriter, London

Unlocking the healthiest version of you could help you to:

Conceive faster

Reduce your chances of having a miscarriage

Reduce birth defects

Avoid pregnancy-related health conditions

Increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy

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