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LiveSmart for business

We help employees monitor and improve their health

Sickness, performance and key person risk can have a huge effect on the bottom line


The fall in physical activity in two generations


15 million days lost due to back pain


The number of health related, avoidable deaths


The average UK employee takes 9.1 days absence per year

LiveSmart can help

Reduce sickness absence

Reduce sickness absence by picking up health issues before they become problems requiring treatment and time off. Blood tests allow us to find these problems before symptoms are present.

Did you know? 92% of LiveSmart users improved their health between their first and second Health Checks

Improve long term health prospects

Most health issues are easier to resolve the sooner you know about them. Common medical conditions, such as high cholesterol, can lack symptoms or have silent symptoms. However, these medical conditions can have a large impact on your future health if they are not managed correctly. Our results dashboard tracks your results so you can manage your health over time.

Did you know?Cardiovascular (heart and circulatory) disease causes more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK, or around 160,000 deaths each year.

Solve specific health concerns

Our tests can be customised to target the main health concerns within your organisation, whether that might be diabetes risk, vitamin deficiecies or stress.

Did you know?6 out of every 10 adults in England have raised Cholesterol

Track the health of your business

Our business dashboard enables you to track your overall business health score, cardiovascular risk, stress, energy and more over time. Data is anonymised but can be filtered by age group. Risk analysis and mitigation recommendations are provided by our doctors.

Product features for business

Health data
Supply of anonymised health data to help you manage risk and plan additional wellness activities
Desk time
Only 5 minutes
per sample
Reduced time away from desk compared to Bupa or NHS Health Checks as phlebotomist can visit the office.
Unlike health insurance, LiveSmart is a non-taxble benefit for your employees.

Flexible pricing structure

Paid by the employer
Subsidised by the
Paid by the employee

Get recommendations from experienced NHS GPs

Your health is complex. We only use experienced NHS trained and practicing GPs who can be found in the GMC public database.

Did you know?More than a third of men and over a quarter of women regularly exceed the government recommended limits for alcohol intake.

Source: British Heart Foundation

Dr Monal Wadhera
NHS GP with a passion for preventative medicine, positive psychology and mindfulness.
Dr Gareth O’Hare
NHS GP and Cosmetic consultant with 10 years experience
Dr Shamima Rashid
NHS GP with a particular interests in Preventative Health with over 10 years of experience

Comprehensive & Convenient

Health Check
Heart Health Check
Plus Health Check
Premium Health Check
BMI health Assessments Essentials
Benenden Health Assessment Essential Plus
Nuffield Lifestyle Health Assessment
Blue Crest Prevention Plus
£0 (age 40+)
Analysis and Recommendation By
Registered Dietitian
NHS trained and practicing GP
NHS trained and practicing GP
Nurse or Healthcare Professional
Healthcare Professional
Test Location and Time
NHS Medical Practice by appointment
Your home and online when convenient to you
Your home and online when convenient to you
Your home and online when convenient to you
BUPA Centres in major cities by appointment
Centres in major cities by appointment
Nuffield centres
Hotels and Conference Centres
Total number of blood tests
Cholesterol profile
Total and HDL only
Blood sugar profile****
Liver Health
Kidney Health
Bone Health
Blood Health
Hb only
Immune System
Lifestyle assessment
Secure Online Dashboard
Ability to track over time
Family history check
10 years cardiovascular risk
Vitamin D deficiency test
Thyroid health test
Omega 3:6***
Blood typing
Inflamation marker - CRP
Physical examination
Lung function
Blood pressure
Personalised lifestyle,
nutrition and health advice





*Available at a small extra cost.
**Only if clinically indicated
***Takes 7-10 days for this result to be returned.
****Blood glucose level cannot be determined with finger prick collection method

Improvement starts with measurement

Start empowering your employees through health and wellness initiatives with LiveSmart For Business today.